//:About August Knight

“Go confidently into the direction of your dreams.”
– Henry David Thoreau

This quote sums up the incarnation of August Knight. As a young man, I knew that I would be an engineer. I was interested in the details of machines and enjoyed taking them apart only to reassemble them and get a greater knowledge of how the thing worked. My ambition was to design circuits and build robots that would revolutionize the industry. My inventions would change the lives of people around the globe. Friends, family members, and people I could never have the chance to know would have a better standard of living.

This is my dream. I set goals and studied electrical engineering and robotics to achieve those goals. I learned to write software to utilize the electronics and control the robots. As I dove deeper into computer science, I realized that software could open up a new world of opportunities. I could design and build my own creations in a fraction of the time. I could test endless outcomes without the need for expensive laboratory equipment. I could make minor tweaks or major improvements without wasting materials or waiting for suppliers. Best of all, I could distribute my product virtually in an instant to unlimited numbers of users in any part of the world with an internet connection.

It was inevitable. I was going to be a computer engineer. Not just a software developer, but an engineer. I wanted to know how the hardware and software would work together. I wanted to be able to optimize my software to be the fastest and most reliable. I looked past the code and inquired how the software would be used by people in the field. I knew I would never be a top-notch designer, but usability was key. People want products that are easy to work with.

Since this realization, I have been putting all of my energies into achieving new goals, learning new programming languages, best practices, and performance optimizations. Working with clients to bridge the gap between their ideas and the technical specifications. Endless tweaks and testing with various hardware and software configurations. All of these things and more have brought me here.

August Knight is my dream.

August Knight